Stronger Photo Composition 4-Step System

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Transform your photography with this comprehensive guide to over 100 photography composition techniques and tools.

Whether you’re a beginner mobile photographer or a professional using a dedicated camera, this jargon-free, basic to advanced guide will show you how to attract, hold and guide the attention of your viewer. With a focus on photographic intention and composition, you’ll discover new ideas and inspiration in every genre, from macro to landscape, nature to travel, family to product, and black and white to color photography.

The secret to impactful and engaging photos is creating them from the perspective of the viewer. This ‘composition stacking’ system, involves including techniques and tools from each of the four steps to creating a compounded composition. From beautiful aesthetics to dramatic visual tension, this four-step system will empower you to intuitively create your next favorite photo.

This eBook groups over 100 composition techniques and tools into four categories, creating a chronological process to follow. The stages cover where to position the camera (smartphone or dedicated camera), where to place the main visual anchor (subject) in the frame, how to position all the contextual elements in the scene. The final step in the system is editing, where you’ll discover several tools and techniques to enhance the composition and visual hierarchy, using mobile photo editing apps.

Discover your creative eye and develop your photographic style with this fun and practical guide. Learn to critique an existing photo to identify what appeals to you and apply the same techniques in your own photography. Whether you’re looking to create more balance, movement, flow, depth, or juxtaposition, this book is the key to transforming your photography.

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