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Speedlight Magic: an in-depth tutorial about speedlights and round flashes.

The speedlight is undoubtedly one of the most creative tools in the photographers’ arsenal. Some call it strobist, some call it speedlights, or small flash… in essence, this is the video for you and just for these strobes of course.

We talk about the techniques like HSS, Exposure compensation, First/Second curtain sync, Zoom, ETTL, manual, etc. but we also cover my favorite accessories, information about remote controls, and how to mount the strobes to a stand, and of course, there are several chapters with awesome lighting setups.

Everything is shot from different angles so you can see the techniques explained very clearly. During the studio sessions, you see all the images coming in while they are shot, and you get to see the finished results.

Speedlight Magic is a video for everyone that is interested in working with the most creative strobe system that fits in almost every bag. This is not the same as the book Speedlight Magic. But an excellent short guide for speedlights and model photography.

The video is divided into two parts:

Part one is shot with a model, showing lighting setups, techniques, tips, and tricks. The second part is about techniques behind the speedlight.

Run Time: 70+ minutes


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