Something From Nothing 3

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Something From Nothing 3

This in-depth tutorial is a laid back journey into seeing what can be created when timing and field technique is not working in our favor. Join in as we attempt to make something from nothing by blending different atmospherics from two separate RAW files taken several minutes apart… after already moving the camera.

Something from Nothing 3

With an open mind and a focus on conditions, we can make the best out of a scene’s presentation.

More than just trying to blend a couple images, the processing of this image requires fixing/creating reflections, removing distractions elements, using atmosphere to solve a compositional flaw, building three dimensional textures, the many ways ACR local adjustments can be used, and a lot more. If you’re more of a conservative type image editor then this tutorial might cause you anxiety.

Run time: 1h 51m

Details & Requirements

Before you watch this course, you need:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Camera RAW
  • Adobe Photoshop

Something From Nothing 3 Course Includes:

  • Custom Photoshop Actions
  • Narrated in English with Spanish subtitles.
    • Narrado en inglés con subtítulos en español.
  • Delivered as .MP4 file.


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