[Redeem By Sept. 12th, 2024] Slow Motion Muzzle Flashes

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This collection of 12 high-quality, animated, slow-motion muzzle flash VDB assets is the ultimate set of 3D muzzle flashes for any shootout. Each muzzle flash is fully 3D, allowing for rotation and selection of the perfect angle for your specific scene and use in shots with large camera movements such as orbiting shots. Each asset comes included with 2 levels of detail: High and Low. The high LOD versions balance detail with performance for close-up shots and the low LOD versions are streamlined for background elements where less detail is required.

Each muzzle flash contains multiple VDB files so you can customize the look to fit your vision or even kitbash separate muzzle flashes together to create more unique looks. Each asset contains a VDB for the main muzzle flash, barrel flash, and sparks. The star-shaped muzzle flash is also provided as its own VDB for the clips that have this additional element.

Software Compatibility

Fully compatible with all major 3D software and render engines that support VDB files, these slow-motion muzzle flashes are a great addition to any VFX artist’s toolkit.


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