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The Meteors collection brings you 13 versatile VDB assets, each designed to add a dramatic touch to your celestial and catastrophic scenes. These animated assets are fully 3D, allowing you to select the ideal angle for each meteor’s path. While designed as meteors, these assets can also be used anytime you need a trail of thick smoke, like a plane’s engine blowing up.

Each asset comes included with 2 levels of detail: High and Low. The high LOD versions offer a good balance of detail for scenes where meteors are a key visual element, like a meteor shower in a sci-fi film. The low LOD assets are optimized for scenes where meteors appear as part of a larger, more distant landscape.

Software Compatibility

All assets are compatible with any 3D software and render engines that support VDB files, making them a highly adaptable choice for adding realistic meteor effects to your projects.


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