Mk 2 Grenade 3D

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Our Mk 2 Grenade model is a carefully designed representation of the iconic “pineapple” grenade, widely recognized for its use throughout the 20th century. This model captures every detail of the Mk 2’s distinctive appearance, from the segmented body designed to enhance fragment dispersion, to the classic lever and pin mechanism.

The texture work on this model offers a realistic metal finish that reflects the grenade’s rugged, utilitarian design. It bears the marks and patina you would expect on a grenade that has seen real-world use, adding depth and authenticity to the model.

Including both the grenade and its individual components, such as the safety pin and lever, this model allows for detailed animations of the grenade being armed and thrown. The PBR textures ensure that the grenade looks lifelike under various lighting conditions and in different environments, making it a versatile addition to any historical or action-oriented VFX or gaming project.

Software Compatibility

ActionVFX 3D Models are supported by all major software and all render engines that have UDIM texture support including Maya, Blender, Houdini, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Katana, and more.

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