Magical Umbrella Editing Composite Workshop

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Watch as Summerana instructor Susan Hamel walks you through her step-by-step process to create a magical umbrella boat composite. Not only will you learn how to edit, but you will also be able to download all the products used so you can follow along and create your own magical masterpiece!

You Will Learn in Photoshop:
  • How to quickly select your subject and place it onto your background
  • Preserve the quality of your subject image 
  • Easily resize your subject
  • Brush off unwanted areas of your image 
  • Adjust highlights and shadows for a realistic appearance
  • Use linear dodge to cast a blue hue onto your subject
  • How to add a touch of color to lips and cheeks
  • How to create a natural-looking reflection 
  • Add finishing touches to your image and more!!
Downloads Included: 
  • Summerana umbrella digital background


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