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Figuring out how to make light appear three dimensional in my images is one of the most game-changing things I've done for my post processing skill set. In this tutorial we utilize simple techniques, that you may already know, but apply them in a way you may never have thought to try. Take full control of the light in your photos and use it to make images that truly shine with deep dimensionality. 

This video shows you what I love to do most in Photoshop; controlling, enhancing, and even creating light. These are some of the most powerful techniques any digital photographer could add to their bag of tricks and will take their photos to the next level.  


Run time: 1h 7m

Narrated in English with Spanish Subtitles

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Course Curriculum

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    Light Contouring

    • Light Contouring

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    Download Entire Course- Light Contouring

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Ryan Dyar

Instructor Bio:

Ryan Dyar points cameras at stuff and loves teaching people to do the same! His beautiful landscapes will capture your attention. He’s also an educator in the greater photography realm.

Ryan Dyar