How to Dodge and Burn Your Photos In Lightroom

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In this video course, you’ll receive a total of 7 video chapters covering over 80 minutes of teaching content surrounding how to Dodge and Burn your photos inside of Lightroom. We’ll discuss the problems that Dodging and Burning can solve by bringing back the structure and three dimension in our photographs that we experienced when we captured them on-location.

We’ll review multiple before and after images that have been dodged and burned and will also discuss how to determine which areas of a photo should be dodged versus which areas should be burned. And lastly, we’ll review the three main tools in Lightroom that can be used to dodge and burn your photos and review each in great detail, from the adjustment brush, to the radial filter, and of course the linear gradient, and will go over three start to finish case studies using each of these three methods.


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