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“I’ll fund your film!”

The four words every filmmaker lives for. We’re suckered in by rags-to-riches stories of Hollywood sensations while most of us remain starving artists with boring day jobs.

But what if you could fund your films independently? From anywhere—downtown L.A. or small-town U.S.A.—without another mortgage, begging your friends, or selling your soul to shady distributors. What if your film created a sustainable and profitable filmmaking career for you, completely outside the Hollywood system? Imagine if your film launched a movement, going viral for the lives it’s changing and selling out theaters in the process.

While it may sound like wild ambition, Josiah Stendel has made it a daily reality with his discovery of FilmFuel. In this easy-to-follow guide, Josiah walks other indie filmmakers through the mindset shifts and tactics to take you from frustrated to funded in a matter of days. This fresh take on film financing turns the power structure of the industry on its head. Now you can enjoy leverage—the power to greenlight your film.

No more gatekeepers.

No more washed-up “producers” running and ruining your show.

Your fully funded dream is just a few pages away.

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