Dark Processing and Mastering the Mood

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Dark Processing Masterclass is a collection of instructional videos to process landscape photographs with a dark and epic mood. I produced the first series of this kind of pictures back in 2013 and I released the first version of this video in 2017. Actually Dark Processing is one of the most popular and imitated post-processing styles among landscapers. Now I produced a new and comprehensive bundle of videos about this technique for overhaul and transform any landscape in an epic and cinematic scene.

The masterclass is composed of 5 Videos start to finish for the duration of about 5 hours. The process explained is characterized by a strong artistic component where is needed a certain amount of manual work that once acquired the necessary skill is able to grant you the ability to develop your own unique pictures. 

The Software used in the videos is Adobe Photoshop CC2020, Adobe Bridge, ACR, DxO, Nik Collection, Topaz Detail, Tony Kuyper TK7 Panel.


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