Course Description

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to get a head start with your editing in Lightroom or ACR, the 1,450+ presetsincluded in this bundle will help you do just that. We designed them with precision and ease-of-use in mind.

Whether you’re just getting started with Lightroom or ACR or you’re a veteran photographer, you know that using presets is a sure-fire way to speed up your editing and quickly find a style or look to add your own final touches to.

This bundle includes every single preset collections we carry in the store as well as all future updates. That means you get our Wedding Collection, Film Simulation, Essentials Collection, Seasons Collection, Desaturated Cinematic, Dramatic HDR, the West Coast Collection, and so much more. And you’ll also get access to the LRToolkit master kit.

Create gorgeous and breathtaking images with this professional post-production presets workflow. It will make your editing process easier and faster.

If you were to purchase every preset pack individually, it would set you back $549. By getting the bundle, you know you’re getting the best price possible. And you also get all future updates free, for life. This is the last presets bundle you’ll ever buy.

The Adobe Lightroom application is required to use the Contrastly Lightroom presets. Every single presets is also compatible with the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (10.3 or newer). All the included presets work great with RAW and JPG photos.


1,450+ Lightroom & ACR presets .lrtemplate and .xmp files


Adobe Lightroom 4/5/6, CC, Classic CC also works with Adobe Camera Raw 10.3+


Windows, Mac, iOS, Android can be synced with the Lightroom CC mobile app (needs to be installed on a computer first)



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