Course Description

In this special two-part bundle, Ryan Dyar and  Arild Heitmann cover almost every aspect of night photography. 

Ryan's video goes into thorough detail about his theory for what makes a great composition in these dark scenes, the three different ways he captures images at night, and the various techniques used to process photos taken after the sun goes down! 

After that wraps up, Arild's video goes into the most detailed instruction on the market for processing your images of the aurora borealis. Colors, textures, noise, focus stacking in the dark, etc. This video covers it all and leaves you ready to take on the Northern Lights.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Capture the Night

    • Capture the Night - Ryan Dyar

    • Aurora - Arild Heitmann

    • Exercise Files [Zip: 989.9 MB]

  • 02

    Download Entire Course- Capture the Night

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Ryan Dyar

Instructor Bio:

Ryan Dyar points cameras at stuff and loves teaching people to do the same! His beautiful landscapes will capture your attention. He’s also an educator in the greater photography realm.

Ryan Dyar