The Business of Photography

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Establish your photography goals and make plans to achieve them!

Whether you are considering occasional casual work, wanting to go full-time, or wanting to grow your established business, this series will take you through all the steps needed, providing you with the tools and strategies to succeed.

As well as sharing advice to avoid common pitfalls, Matt provides a suite of contracts, documents, and planning forms to help you establish your goals and formulate strategies to achieve them.

Make it work for YOU

Not everyone wants to shoot weddings every weekend or do 60 hours a week on location. Matt supports you in clarifying what YOU want to achieve and provides tools and strategies to work towards that aim.

Jam Packed with information

The 5-hour run time packs in decades of hard-earned knowledge, tested in proactive and refined over 15 years of business. The course is in 11 modules so you can watch, take personal action, and return to the next segment.

Templates included

We all know you should create a business plan, investment schedule, image waiver, etc., but getting started is tricky. This program provides 15 planning aid templates so you can customize them and get to work!

Fast-track your success
  • Identify your market and tailor appropriate products
  • Analyze market trends and identify opportunities to grow.
  • Plan and set goals that are meaningful and achievable.
  • Set prices that maximize income today, and future growth.
  • Develop systems that save you time and money long term


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