Course Description

This Action Elements Pro Bundle is fully packed with epic action elements to recreate your favorite Hollywood movies.

With drag and drop functionality, it's easier than ever to use these elements in your scene and best of all, they work in any software.

This Bundle Contains:

  • 10 Magic Elements
  • 10 Fire Elements
  • 10 Explosions
  • 10 Blood elements
  • 10 Muzzle flashes
  • 10 Bullet Shell Animations

As a BONUS, VFX Expert and YouTuber Ignace Aleya has recorded a dedicated tutorial, to show how you can use these elements in your video.

Ignace will use Premiere Pro and After Effects as his video editing software of choice but you'll be able to follow along, and implement the same techniques that he uses, with all the most common video editing applications out there.

Create Epic Videos!

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Action Elements Pro Bundle - Download (ZIP)

    • How to Use Action Elements in After Effects and Any Other Video Software

    • How to Use Action Elements in Premiere Pro and Any Other Video Software

    • Action Elements Pro Bundle - CreatorGalaxy - Download (ZIP - 6.43 GB Total)


I'm a filmmaker with a passion for Visual Effects Mastery in After Effects & Premiere Pro, living life to the fullest in Belgium with my girlfriend Mihaela. Entrepreneur & Co-founder of ∞ Create Epic Videos. Passionate to share my knowledge in the form of Edutainment. Let me take you to the awesome world of Filmmaking & Visual Effects.

Ignace Aleya

Creator Galaxy Co-founder


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Arnaud Melis

CreatorGalaxy Co-founder & Experience Manager