[Redeem By Dec. 19th, 2023] Dodging & Burning Master Course

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Do your images look flat? It is very challenging to create a sense of our 3-dimensional world with a 2-dimensional photograph. The dramatic light you saw may not come through in RAW files. Complex scenes can also overwhelm and confuse the viewer.

All of these can be addressed with dodging and burning. To help you tackle those challenges, I’ve created the Dodging & Burning Master Course.


The Dodge and Burn Master course from Greg Benz is pretty phenomenal on its own (so be sure to go redeem that!), but you can get a greater value with this exclusive upgrade offer! He’s offering 2023 Photography Bundle purchasers a limited time discount on several of his other products and courses. Use the link below to save $20 on his most popular products!


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