Course Description

The Color Grading Secrets Pro package is professional color grading instruction that's guaranteed to improve the look of your videos and films. Here are some of the Secrets you'll learn:  

Color Correction with Scopes

Get the clean professional look by discovering the secrets of grading LOG footage and how the video scopes are the game-changer you need to get perfect exposure and white balance.

Fixing Skin Tones & Secondary Color Corrections

The simplest way to great-looking skin tones is revealed along with other advanced techniques to solve a whole host of image problems using masks and secondary tools.

Grading with LUTs

Make fixes even faster and get the big-budget look by knowing where and when to use LUTs to correct LOG exposure and apply looks.

Shot Matching

Get over the amateur mistake of shots, scenes, and cameras not matching with our proven method that gets perfectly matched clips.

Grading an Entire Scene Masterclass

Be guided every step of the way grading an entire scene so you can see the whole color grading picture and finally have the confidence to grade your own projects end-to-end.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Module 1


    • FCP101 Setting Up a Timeline

    • FCP102 Color Grading Workflow

    • FCP103 Scopes Introduction

    • FCP104 Exercise Files

    • FCP104 Waveform Scopes

    • FCP105 Exercise Files

    • FCP105 RGB Parade Scopes

    • FCP106 Exercise Files

    • FCP106 Vectorscope

    • FCP107 Exercise Files

    • FCP107 Histogram

    • FCP108 Exercise Files

    • FCP108 Setting Exposure

    • FCP109 Exercise Files

    • FCP109 Color Balancing

    • FCP110 Exercise Files

    • FCP110 Color Balancing with the RGB Overlay

    • FCP111 LUTs Overview

    • FCP112 LUTs and Exercise Files

    • FCP112 Working with LUTs

    • Questions and Comments about Module 1

  • 02

    Module 2

    • FCP201 Exercise Files

    • FCP201 Shape Masks

    • FCP202 Exercise Files

    • FCP202 Tracking Shapes

    • FCP203 Exercise Files

    • FCP203 Keyframing Color Correction Effects

    • FCP204 Exercise Files

    • FCP204 Hue Saturation Curves

    • FCP205 Exercise Files

    • FCP205 Color Masks

    • FCP206 Exercise Files

    • FCP206 HDR Grading Technique

    • FCP207 Ideal Skin Tones

    • FCP208 Exercise Files

    • FCP208 Correcting Skin Tones

    • FCP209 Exercise Files

    • FCP209 Correcting Darker Skin Tones

    • FCP210 Exercise Files

    • FCP210 Correcting Lighter Skin Tones

    • FCP211 Export Options and Formats

  • 03

    Module 3

    • FCP301 Exercise Files

    • FCP301 Grade Management Part 1

    • FCP302 Exercise Files

    • FCP302 Grade Management Part 2

    • FCP303 Choosing a Hero Shot

    • FCP304 Exercise Files

    • FCP304 Shot to shot Matching

    • FCP305 Exercise Files

    • FCP305 Shot to shot matching advanced

    • FCP305B Shot to Shot Matching Multiple Cameras

    • FCP305B Exercise Files

    • FCP306 Exercise Files

    • FCP306 Grading Multicam

    • FCPMC Master Class: Grading an Entire Scene - Exercise Files

    • FCPMC Master Class: Grading an Entire Scene - Part 1: Building the Base Correction

    • FCPMC Part 2: Shot-to-Shot Matching and Secondaries

    • FCPMC Part 3: Grouping

    • FCPMC Part 4: Look Building Intro & Delivery

Denver Riddle

Instructor Bio:

I'm a creator. My calling in life is to create products and solutions that create a meaningful experience for other people. I'm able to accomplish this with my blend of artistic and technical experience.

Denver Riddle