Color Grading Secrets DaVinici Resolve

The Color Grading Secrets Pro package is professional color grading instruction that's guaranteed to improve the look of your videos and films. Here are some of the Secrets you'll learn:  

Color Correction with Scopes

Get the clean professional look by discovering the secrets of grading LOG footage and how the video scopes are the game-changer you need to get perfect exposure and white balance.

Fixing Skin Tones & Secondary Color Corrections

The simplest way to great-looking skin tones is revealed along with other advanced techniques to solve a whole host of image problems using masks and secondary tools.

Grading with LUTs

Make fixes even faster and get the big-budget look by knowing where and when to use LUTs to correct LOG exposure and apply looks.

Shot Matching

Get over the amateur mistake of shots, scenes, and cameras not matching with our proven method that gets perfectly matched clips.

Grading an Entire Scene Masterclass

Be guided every step of the way grading an entire scene so you can see the whole color grading picture and finally have the confidence to grade your own projects end-to-end.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome Start Here First


  • 02

    Module 1

    • DR101 Database Setup and Project Manager

    • DR102 Preferences and Project Settings

    • DR103 Interface Introduction

    • DR104 Media Page

    • DR105A Cut Page

    • DR105B Edit Page

    • DR106 Edit Tools Part 1

    • DR107 Edit Tools part 2

    • DR108A Fusion Page

    • DR108B Color Page

    • DR109 Fairlight

    • DR110 Deliver Page

    • DR111 Gallery Page

    • DR112 Conforming Introduction

    • DR113 Conforming with an XML

    • DR114 Conforming with an EDL

    • Scene Cut Detection Exercise File

    • DR116 Scene Cut Detection

    • DR117 Fixing Scene Cut Detection Errors

    • DR118 Round Tripping Part 1

    • DR119 Round Tripping Part 2

    • DR120 Resolving Conform Issues

    • Download Scopes Introduction Exercise Files

    • DR121 Scopes Introduction

    • Download Waveform Scope Exercise Files

    • DR122 Waveform Scope

    • Download RGB Parade Exercise Files

    • DR123 RGB Parade

    • Download Vectorscope Exercise Files

    • DR124 Vectorscope

    • Download Histogram Exercise Files

    • DR125 Histogram

    • DR125B CIE 1931 XY

    • DR126 Color Grading Workflow

    • Download Setting Exposure Exercise Files

    • DR127 Setting Exposure

    • Download Color Balancing Exercise Files

    • DR128 Color Balancing

    • Color Balancing with Color Overlay Waveform Exercise Files

    • DR129 Color Balancing with the RGB Overlay Waveform

    • Download Broadcast Safe Exercise Files

    • DR130 Broadcast Safe

    • Download Using LUTs Overview Exercise Files

    • DR131 Using LUTs Overview

    • Download Technical LUTs Exercise Files

    • DR132 Technical LUTs

    • Download Using LUTs for Speed Exercise Files

    • DR132B Using LUTs for Speed

    • Download Using Creative LUTs Exercise Files

    • DR133 Using Creative LUTs

    • DR133B Resolve Color Management

    • DR133C ACES Color Management

    • Download Log Grading Exercise Files

    • DR134 Grading LOG Images

    • Download Working with RED Exercise Files

    • DR135 Working with RED

    • Download Working with Blackmagic RAW Exercise Files

    • DR136 Working with BlackMagic RAW

  • 03

    Module 2

    • Working with Serial Nodes - Exercise Files

    • DR201 Working with serial nodes

    • Working with Parallel Nodes - Exercise Files

    • DR202 Working with Parallel Nodes

    • Working with Layer Mixers - Exercise Files

    • DR203 Working with Layer Mixers

    • DR204 Exercise File

    • DR204 Working with Key Mixers

    • Power Windows - Exercise Files

    • DR205 Power Windows

    • Exploring the 3D Tracker - Exercise Files

    • DR206A Exploring the 3D Tracker

    • Fine Tuning the Tracker Exercise Files

    • DR206B Fine Tuning the Tracker

    • Stabilizing with the Tracker - Exercise Files

    • DR206C Stabilizing with the Tracker

    • Advanced Cleanup with Power Windows - Exercise Files

    • DR207 Advanced Cleanup with Power Windows

    • HSL Qualifier - Exercise Files

    • DR208 HSL Qualifier

    • HSL Qualifier Advanced - Exercise Files

    • DR209 HSL Qualifier (Advanced)

    • Hue Curves - Exercise Files

    • DR210 Hue Curves

    • DR211 Keyframes Editor - Exercise Files

    • DR211 Keyframes Editor

    • DR212 Soft Clip Tools

    • Keeping Nodes Organized - Exercise Files

    • DR213 Keeping nodes organized

    • Grading White Limbo - Exercise Files

    • DR214 Grading White Limbo

    • HDR Grading Technique - Exercise Files

    • DR215 HDR Grading Technique

    • Raccoon Eyes - Exercise Files

    • DR216 Raccoon Eyes

    • Sky Replacement - Exercise Files

    • DR217 Sky Replacement

    • Noise Reduction - Exercise Files

    • DR218 Noise Reduction

    • Noise Reduction with Splitter/Combiner Nodes - Exercise Files

    • DR218B Noise Reduction with Splitter Combiner

    • Overlaying Effects - Exercise Files

    • DR219 Overlaying Effects

    • Working with OpenFX - Exercise Files

    • DR220 Working with OpenFX

    • DR221 Intro to Ideal Skin Tones

    • Correcting Skin Tones - Exercise Files

    • DR222 Correcting Skin Tones

    • Correcting Darker Skin Tones - Exercise Files

    • DR223 Correcting Darker Skin Tones

    • DR224 Exercise Files

    • DR224 Correcting Lighter Skin Tones

    • Preserving Skin Tones with Parallel Nodes - Exercise Files

    • DR225 Preserving Skin Tones with Parallel Nodes

    • Recover Blown Out Skin Tones - Exercise File

    • DR226 Recovering Blown Out Skin Tones

  • 04

    Module 3

    • DR301A Working with Remote Local Grades

    • DR301B Working with Shared Nodes

    • DR302 Working with Groups Part 1

    • DR302B Working with Groups Part 2

    • DR303 Using Gallery Stills

    • DR304 Choosing a Hero Shot

    • Automated Grading Features - Exercise Files

    • DR305 Automated Grading Features

    • DR306 Exploring Different Viewer Modes

    • Using The Lightbox View - Exercise Files

    • DR307 Using the Lightbox View

    • Matching Using the Split-Screen View - Exercise Files

    • DR308 Matching Using the Split-Screen View

    • Shot to Shot Matching - Exercise Files

    • DR309 Shot to Shot Matching

    • Shot to Shot Matching Advanced - Exercise Files

    • DR310 Shot to Shot Matching Advanced

    • DR311 Exercise Files Part 1

    • DR311 Exercise Files Part 2

    • DR311 Grading Multicam

    • Grading Multicam Advanced - Exercise Files

    • DR312 Grading Multicam Advanced

    • Masterclass - Exercise Files

    • DR313A Masterclass Basic Color Correction

    • DR313B Part 2 Shot to Shot Matching

    • DR313C Part 3 Grouping

    • DR313D Part 4 Look Building Introduction

Denver Riddle

Instructor Bio:

I'm a creator. My calling in life is to create products and solutions that create a meaningful experience for other people. I'm able to accomplish this with my blend of artistic and technical experience.